It’s not so easy for anyone to know who unfollowed me on Instagram. If you have thousands of followers you can take your eyes on everyone and find out who followed or unfollowed your Instagram Account. But, here we come with a third-party application named Unfollowgram which can help you out from this kind of problem. This app lets you know the activity of you each and every follower whether they have unfollowed your Instagram account.

Instagram is the most popular platform where people share photos and videos. There is no any default feature on Instagram where we can track our follower’s activity like, who unfollowed me on Instagram. Either we can visit our account and count the followers regularly. But it will be a difficult task if you have thousands of followers. So here we came with a third-party tool which makes our work easier.

who unfollowed me on instagram

With the help of Unfollowgram Apk, we can easily figure out the people who have recently unfollowed us. Even, you can also track the people who don’t follow you back on Instagram. You don’t need to waste your precious time in checking the names of people who just dared to unfollow you. Unfollowgram will analyze everything and will notify when someone unfollows you from their Instagram Account.

Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

Unfollowgram for Instagram is getting popular these days. Many people use this tool to manage their Insta account who has a lot of followers. The tool can also be used with other social media sites including Twitter. This Instagram Unfollower Analysis service can be availed on any platform. You can either use their application on Mobile as well as Website on your Desktop.

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Instagram is not only used by people just for sharing Photos and Videos. Most of the business use Instagram these days to build their brand. Many influencers and Internet marketers take advantage of this platform for selling their services. If you have also any type of business then it is very important to manage your followers with this amazing tool.

Let me highlight some interesting features of Unfollowgram which you should know before jumping towards the guide.

Features of Unfollowgram

  • This tool notifies every time when any people unfollow you on Instagram.
  • You can easily know the person whom you have followed but they didn’t follow you back.
  • Also, you can find out the people who follow you but you didn’t follow them back.
  • Manage your followers and following. You can delete people from your followers and following list.
  • This tool can be used for Twitter along with Instagram too. So, if you want to get the analysis of your twitter followers, just sign in with your twitter account.

Unfollowgram – Know Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram

Now, let me show you the steps to use this awesome tool to get notified when anyone unfollows you on Instagram. Be ready with your Instagram username and password as you will be asked to log in with the Instagram account.

STEP 1 – Go to website from your Desktop or Phone Web Browser.

STEP 2 – When you open the webpage, you can find “Sign with Instagram’ option there. Just click on it in case you want to manage your Instagram account.

STEP 3 – On the next page, you will be asked to enter Instagram login credentials. Enter your Instagram username and password and click on Login.

STEP 4 – After login, you have to authenticate the application with your Instagram account. Finish the authorization by clicking the Authorise button to manage the followers, followings etc.

STEP 5 – In the next page, it will ask you to enter your Email address. Enter your Email ID in the box so that you can receive the notification in your mail. This is the most important step to use Unfollowgram. Finally, click on ‘Start using’ button to get started.


STEP 6 – You will now get the Dashboard of the website where you can find out Who Unfollowed me on Instagram where you can track the people who unfollowed you. Also, you will get the other options to manage your Instagram account.

Latest Update – Due to the latest Instagram Privacy updates, Unfollowgram is not working anymore. You can still use this tool to know who followed me on Twitter.

Unfollowgram Alternatives

In case the tool doesn’t work for you, you can try out its alternatives. Here are few websites which work similar to Unfollowgram.

  • Crowdfire
  • Instafollow
  • WhoUnfollow
  • Followers+

Final Words

I know it’s not possible to track every person who unfollows you on Instagram or Twitter. So, we have found an easier way and shared this article with you. I hope you got the answer to your question “Who Unfollowed me On Instagram?” from this guide. Unfollowgram is safe to use and over 3 million people are using this amazing tool to manage their social media accounts.


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