To make users for downloading your app is not that easy. But it can an easy step to acquiring a loyal and strong user base. To get users to constantly use your app can be a continuous battle. However, the engagement is important for the lifecycle of an app.

The mobile user’s glances in the modern world at their mobiles has been reached to 200 times per day and 75% of these interactions are only for glancing at who has called, when is the next meeting or which sale has just started. Using mobile marketing, there are only a few seconds to build or break your relationship with app users.

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Following are 4 different ways for making your app stand out while building a long lasting relation with the users santander business online banking:

1. Offer Choices

Most of the app stores get very saturated. Mobile users try to install only few apps and then abandon these apps just after few days. For building an engaged and loyal user base, you are required to have a significant acquisition of budget and a continuous eye on rates of retention. By index of December 2015, Fiksu makes an average CPIs (cost per installation) for each month reaching to $1.46 on iOS and $3.34 on Android.

However, to offer the user choices can aid you to optimize the user funnel and raise the app engagement, gaining a good reward on the investment made. These kinds of choices involve anything from letting user for switching off the push notifications to arranging the prospects of the app for ordering their priorities. Like, the CircleBack is an app, which lets you handle your contacts, and personalizes the user onboarding by actions of the user.

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2. Push Notifications

The push notifications are just like Buy Instagram likes UK the email marketing, done for the mobile apps. But, the main advantage of push notifications is that they get checked more frequently as compared to the email inbox, thus push notifications are able to make a deeper influence on the audience. On the other hand, as they are checked more frequently, the traditional batch, as well as blast mobile marketing trends of push notifications, appear much damaging as compared to engaging. For example, for email marketing, the brand may send out emails which they think readers will take interest in and then, it depends on reader whether to ignore or to read it. However, if the same thing is applied on the mobile app, you may get fail as the notifications appear on the home screen or can be disruptive.

For using the push notifications in the mobile marketing, you are needed to respect and understand that the mobile phones are the highly personal things owned by the users and if they think that they waste the time while using excessive or irrelevant push notifications, you will lose your trust forever. If used rightly, push notification increases the sales massively as well as retention levels, as they are done for a lot of brands already.

3. Location Awareness

Your mobile device comes with you, wherever you go. Thus, it is of no wonder that using the location of the mobile device can be helpful for both users and marketers. For instance, as a user comes in a store or comes in the conference call, you can send him a voucher or coupon for the free food.

The users expect immediate action and relevancy in such cases. Thus, you must plan the mobile marketing tactics so that when your user reaches the location, the app responds and delivers the content-driven texts to the user’s mobile phone.

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4. Omni-Channel Communication

Few mobile phone marketers may ignore SMS, web channels or emails with a short focus on pre-mobile app marketing. However never forget that the mobile apps or phones don’t do purchases; the users using these, do. Purchasers don’t care about your channel’s strategy; they just care of gaining a contextual and coordinated experience with the app – their care needs to make you know them and think of what they need.

The mobile app is not an only way of communicating with the app users. There are other channels available also, so utilize them in link with the app. use the behaviors of buyers on one channel for informing the communication with them on another channel.

While you plan the marketing strategy of the mobile app, think of kind of content the users actually want to see. Also, if you have no idea of it, just ask your users, maybe via mobile. Most of the customers told that they will respond to the SMS in a survey report done during Ipsos Mori study. Each communication sent out to your purchasers should be viewed as a double-way conversation, each having benefits for your audience as well as your business.


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