21st Century is the technology era, nowadays a lot of users are found using the Internet in their day to day life. Right from Business to Entertainment, the Internet plays a great role. Because of the high speed and ease of connectivity, a large number of internet users browse contents like movies, TV shows, music, games for either watching or downloading. There are many torrent sites available for this purpose but out of that one of the best sites used by the internet users for accessing these contents is LimeTorrents 2018 website. This site has come a long way from being used for one time to merely download files before viewing the contents with the help of online clouds to directly viewing the content by streaming without downloading these files.

These sites are considered favorite among the users because of its several advantages like – Pre-verification of the contents before uploading them to the website, uploaded content providing minimal virus etc.

limetorrents proxy 2018

LimeTorrents Proxy 2019

Another best thing about Limetorrents.cc is that it not only allows you to download movies and TV shows but also allows you to download software, applications with ease. So it is basically one stop to all your needs. You should also check out FMovies Proxy which we have shared earlier.

However, in recent times, limetorrents sites are being blocked, restricted to the users by the Indian government & other organizations to prevent downloading these contents for free. Nowadays a lot of ISPs and firewalls are blocking the use of Limetorrent. The user trying to access the sites receives the following message –

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, please contact the administrator for more information.

Accessing Through Proxies

The sudden ban on Limetorrent sites shocked and disappointed all the users creating a wave of uneasiness among the users. To reduce uneasiness certain alternatives have been developed to use the limestone sites. Some of the easiest ways to access limetorrents if blocked in your region or country are through Proxy sites. The Limetorrent proxy site is the first step to unblock limetorrent sites that are being banned.

LimeTorrents Unblocked Mirror Sites

Some of the links provided below are proxies that enable the user to browse, access and unblock limetorrent sites, from any location. All user have to do is enter the Limetorrents.cc URL  through the links provided and start browsing.

LimeTorrents ProxyStatusSpeed
Filesdownloader.comOnlineVery Fast
Sitenable.infoOnlineVery Fast
Sitenable.pwOnlineVery Fast

However nowadays with firewalls being smart enough to detect and block proxy servers and block them, the use of proxy sites to unblock LimeTorrent is bit difficult and impractical. Also, when you download a torrent file using these sites, your original IP address is visible. That means proxy sites just grant you access to blocked limetorrent sites, but it doesn’t provide you security by hiding your IP address.

limetorrents unblock

Accessing Through VPN

In these cases, the user can try unblocking limetorrents sites by another way that is through the use of Virtual private networks (VPN).

A VPN creates encrypted tunnels between your device and the internet. This not only allows you to unblock limetorrent sites but also provides you with security. As VPN changes your virtual location by cloaking your IP address and adopting an IP address of the VPN server. Therefore your identity remains secure while browsing and downloading.

The user can also access VPN services through VPN apps as well. However, using VPN services or proxy sites slows down internet connection and results in slow download and network connectivity issues. The user can avoid these issues by using  Limetorrent mirror sites.

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Accessing Through Mirror Sites

Limetorrent mirrors websites are the Limetorrent clone of websites. These sites are developed and maintained by Limetorrent staff or volunteers. Their only aim is to provide access to banned Limetorrent sites to all the users throughout the world.

These Limetorrents unblocked sites contain contents and torrent files which are similar to Limetorrents websites. These sites are frequently updated with the latest contents enabling the users to access the fresh content of Limetorrents. The proxy URLs enable the users to access their favorite torrent websites instantly.

More Torrents Proxies:

These sites apart from maintaining similar contents to lime torrents websites. They also maintain their separate domain and ensures safety to unblock the Limetorrents sites in case the government bans the sites. The users can still access the site either through the proxy site or by Limetorrent mirrors sites as an alternative way.

The Bottom Line

People who love downloading movies and software can’t resist this torrent. It is one of their favorite source of getting their desired content. However, the government is opposing the piracy and one can’t get access to their favorite torrent platform. But, if you have the LimeTorrents Proxy 2018 you don’t need to worry anymore.  The sites will result in you to provide you the Unblocked LimeTorrents without doing anything. Well, how were these sites, did they worked for you? Let us know in the comments section.


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