Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers by Mobile and PC users. Almost every user gets ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR at least once while opening any webpage. This error comes with the message showing “This site can’t provide a secure connection”. This became the most common issue these days as most of the websites started using SSL protocol to make their site secure. If you are also facing the Chrome SSL_Protocol_Error then we have got the solution for you to this problem.

The Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error is found in both smartphones and Computers. Especially, Google Chrome Browser users have encountered this problem. The issue can occur from your browser as well as from the website which you want to access on your device. There can be many reasons behind this error which we will discuss in this post. I will also provide you the solution to Fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error for both Mobile and PC devices. Previously, We have discussed How to Fix Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error on Google Chrome.


There are so many reasons for getting this error on your browser. This can be due to inaccurate date & time, firewall blocking your browser extension and so on. But, I don’t know the proper reason why are you getting this issue on your browser. So, you can try all the given methods. The one which works, you can then find out that why you were facing this problem. We have also shared the solution for Dns Probe Finished No Internet error.


Fix Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error on Smartphones

Here we go through the solution to solve this issue on smartphone devices. If you are getting SSL Protocol error on your mobile phone then you can check out the listed methods. I’m sure your problem will be solved using the methods given below.

1. Restart your Chrome Browser

This is the first step that should be taken to solve out this problem. You just need to close the Chrome Browser and open it again. Then, try to open the website which you want to access. Also, try to close all the tabs before closing the application. You can also Force Stop the application from the Settings >> Applications on your phone. If your problem is still not solved, don’t worry check out the other methods given below.

2. Reboot your phone

You can try rebooting your device to solve this problem. Just restart your smartphone and then Open the Chrome Browser and enter the URL address of the website which you want to open. Hopefully, you can now access the website. But, if you are still getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR then check out the last method which is the last solution for this issue.

3. Try Changing the URL Address protocol

Suppose, if the website that you want to open has removed the SSL Protocol recently. So, you can now try to open the website without https. Means, if the site address is then try to open it as I’m sure this time you will not get any issue. Otherwise, there may be any problem the website end.


Now, I’m going to share the solution to this problem for PC users. If you are PC user and facing this problem, you can solve your issue with the help of this section. Here, I have shared different methods to fix ‘This site can’t provide a secure connection’ error.

1. Check Date & Time of your System

Before proceeding to the next steps, you must verify date and time of your computer. Your website can’t SSL connections properly if the date and time of your system are not correct. Make sure to verify if the date and time are correct on your Computer.

2. Disable QUIC Protocol

You can disable QUIC Protocol as it can fix the SSL Protocol permanently on your Chrome browser. Here are the steps to disable it.

  • Open this address from Chrome the Chrome Address bar.


  • Now, you will get Experimental QUIC Protocol on the page. You need to change it from default to disabled.

disable quic protocol

  • Click on the Relaunch Now button from the bottom of the screen. Your Chrome Browser will be restarted.

That’s all. You will problem will be solved now and the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR will be fixed. But, if you are still facing this issue, you can check out the other methods.

3. Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

Clearing cache and cookies may help you to get rid of this problem. You just need to clear cache and cookies of your Chrome and you will get your problem solved. Don’t know how to do it? No problem, check out these simple steps.

  • Press Ctrl +Shift + Delete or Go to Menu >> More Tools and Click on “Clear Browsing Data…”.
  • Now, select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” options there.


  • Finally, you need to click on the clear data button. Your Cache and Cookies will be cleared.


If this method doesn’t work and you are still getting the error then don’t worry. We have more solutions which can fix this issue, check them below.

4. Delete the Hosts File

This is another working solution that can fix the Chrome ERR_SSL_PROOCOL_ERROR error. You need to remove the host file and you’re done. It is a type of temporary internet file that handles the requests between the webpage and browser. This can also cause the SSL protocol. So, you can delete these files to fix the SSL error. I’m sure you issue will be easily solved using this method.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows Key + R.
  • Now, copy the below command and paste it into the box. Then click OK.

  • You will now get a File Explorer Popup Window where you will get some files.

  • Delete the latest host files from the folder.

That’s all. You can now see if the SSL error is solved or not. If the problem still persists, you can go for the next solutions.

5. Turn Off Antivirus and Chrome Extensions

If you are using any firewall or Internet security Antivirus tool then disable them for a while. Maybe it’s blocking any SSL Connection which results in SSL Error.

Chrome Extensions can also affect your browser and you may be getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR because of any affected Extension. Just disable each Chrome extensions one by one, if anyone of them is causing the issue then delete it. You can open the extensions page by entering the address given below on the address bar of your Chrome Browser.


6. Clear SSL State

If none of the above methods work, you can try clearing the SSL state. This can surely fix SSL Connection Error from on your browser. Follow the given steps to do so.

  • First of all goto the Chrome Options Menu from the three dots at the top.
  • Now, go to Settings and then Advanced Settings.
  • You will get a search box there and search for “Proxy Settings”.
  • Click on Open Proxy Settings option. You will get a new popup window.

clear ssl state

  • Now, go to the Content tab and click “Clear SSL State” there.

That’s all. The SSL state will be cleared quickly. You probably not get SSL Connection Error from this time.

Final Words

Here we shared the different methods to solve ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on Google Chrome Browser. I hope your problem is solved now. The problem can occur due to many reasons that’s why I have shared different ways to solve it. The above methods are working very well and many people have solved SSL Secure Connection Error using these methods. Still, if you have any query regarding this article, feel free to ask us in the comments section.


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